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In-Person Card Reading


Live In-Person Three Card Reading

Want to meet up with Zoon and Bob and have a cup of tea and a Three Card Reading? Currently available in New York City, at a coffee shop or similar public atmosphere where we can sit.



Live In-Person Three Card Reading

Talk with Zoon and Bob LIVE and In Person! Zoon will give a reading from his Zoon Cards, which should take 15-20 minutes, though you can spend an hour (or more, if Zoon isn’t too busy) talking with him (and Bob)! Ask him questions and have a fun time with your furry alien friend.

After the reading is over, Bob will take a photo of your card spread and type up Zoon’s interpretation of your reading, which may have additional details and insights, and we’ll send you the digital image and document file.

* Currently, this is only available in New York City at a public place, like a coffee shop or tea house, near trains, in a reasonably safe part of town.

** If money is an issue or if you can’t be in New York, our Live Video Readings are cheaper (and worldwide) and Zoon gives readings at events for less than that.

*** If talking to Zoon in person sounds scary, give a Recorded Video Reading a try!


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