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Recorded Video Reading


Recorded Three Card Reading Video

If you are afraid to talk with Zoon live or have a serious language barrier, Zoon will record a video reading with his Zoon Cards and send you a video, photo of the cards, and written explanation. Easy peasy!



Recorded Three Card Reading

If you’re too shy to speak with Zoon in person or if you’re worried about language barriers, a Recorded Three Card Reading might be for you.

We’ll send you a questionnaire so that Zoon has enough pertinent information to give you a properly detailed reading reading with his Zoon Cards, which should result in a 15-20 minute video. Remember to ask him questions you may have so that you might learn something new!

After the reading is over, we will post the reading as a private YouTube video with YouTube’s auto-generated captions turned on and send you the link. Bob will take a photo of your card spread and type up Zoon’s interpretation of your reading, which may have additional details and insights, and we’ll send you the digital image and document file.


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