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Half an Apple: Letting Go


People Often Ask Me About Letting Go “Zoon, how can I let go?” It’s not as hard as it may sound. If you are experiencing a major change, you’ll want to dissolve old... READ MORE

Half an Apple: Healing Old Wounds


Half an Apple… I’ve talked quite a lot about letting go and in this blog I have mentioned the process of healing (esp. dissolving trauma). Letting go is something a lot of folks... READ MORE

On Pessimism / Cynicism


On the surface, pessimism might seem freeing. If you assume that things will always turn out badly or not all all, then you are off the hook. You might think that you never... READ MORE

Start Anywhere 🚲


One of the great challenges people experience when making art, doing things they consider ‘important’, and when making changes in their lives is often “I don’t know where to begin.” One of the... READ MORE