Zoon and Bob

Zoon’s Card of the Week is drawn LIVE every Sunday (10pm in Japan) on YouTube, following a nearly two year run hosting an Instagram Live.

Power of Play Workshops

Zoon and Bob also host workshops dedicated to teaching presence, spontaneous creativity (with the “secret” of profound originality), and the magic of being alive through the power of play. Play is the secret ingredient to good art, mindfully running a business, and learning to release trauma and embrace the great magical now happening all around you.

In these workshops, Zoon guides the group through a series of free-form exercises, works through more structured creation using the principles learned, and then discusses the results with the group. You will learn to be vulnerable and present in the moment and to pull creative rabbits out of proverbial hats, smoothly and effortlessly. And playing is a lot of fun!

If you would like to host a Power of Play workshop with Zoon & Bob, follow us on Instagram and drop us a message!

Zoon Card Readings

Using Zoon’s custom 64 card, hand-drawn deck, Zoon and Bob offer card readings that are closer to an I Ching reading than Tarot, with Zoon’s alien impressions and insights into the human condition.

Zoon’s hope is that we gradually learn how to grow and live fuller, present, imaginative lives and his perspective is like a wise old friend from another planet popping in and gently zapping us awake. Bob acts as Zoon’s assistant and is often as surprised by Zoon’s insights as you are.

At the moment, we offer video and in-person readings at events. Our readings feature three cards representing Past, Present (or in the process of Unfolding), and Future. Zoon then peeks into your situation and helps. You can have the 3 card experience or opt for a simple 1 card reading where Zoon takes a look at where you’re heading and tells you a bit about that.


Zoon has bigger plans that he hasn’t told anyone (including Bob) about and he will reveal them here when he is ready. So stay tuned!