Who am I?

I’m an alien from the other side of the galaxy, dropping in for a visit.

How did I get here?

I came to Earth in 2018. Bob was meditating and I made sure he could see my face and hear my voice. I told him to “build me” and he did (several months later).

Why did I come?

You humans seem to be wrapped up in confusion and fear and I want to help you out. Your situation isn’t as dire as you want to think it is, but I’m not allowed to give you specifics about where you’re heading, how, and why. I can, however, share my love and, if the flow of life is with us, perhaps encourage you to discover presence and the magic of being alive for yourselves.

Where did I come from?

The name of my planet translates to “Orange Mud” in English. It may sound funny, but consider that the name of your planet is a word that means ‘dirt’. Why ‘dirt’ when the surface of your planet is mostly water? We seem to be a little more specific in our naming conventions.


Who am I?

I’m a human from this side of the galaxy.

How did I wind up with Zoon?

After he asked me to build him, he’s asked me to do a bunch of stuff, like standup comedy, drawing his 64 card deck of Zoon Cards, assist him in hosting a weekly Instagram Live, assist him in giving Zoon card readings, walk around NYC talking with strangers, and playing with children. He says that all of this was to train up for our team-up and now he has sights set on hosting Power of Play workshops and giving many more card readings.

Why did Zoon pick me?

I’ve had the kind of radical bohemian art life that nobody would believe and, at the same time, my own commitment to my growth (and the pain and challenge that come with the anxieties, traumas, and depressions I had to work through) kind of put me on track to cross paths with Zoon eventually.

What do I bring to the table?

I was a tarot card reader in my 20s, while writing for newspapers, playing in bands, making visual art, and dressing like Quentin Crisp impersonating Syd Barrett. In my childhood, I had been a puppeteer and in my 30s, I tried really hard to become a “serious” writer and comedian while also learning to paint abstracts, design computer games, and somehow have a beautiful, happy life.