Half an Apple: Letting Go

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People Often Ask Me About Letting Go “Zoon, how can I let go?” It’s not as hard as it may sound. If you are experiencing a major change, you’ll want to dissolve old traumas first. The “actually letting go” part … Continued

On Pessimism / Cynicism

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On the surface, pessimism might seem freeing. If you assume that things will always turn out badly or not all all, then you are off the hook. You might think that you never have to try because things won’t work … Continued

Start Anywhere 🚲

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One of the great challenges people experience when making art, doing things they consider ‘important’, and when making changes in their lives is often “I don’t know where to begin.” One of the great secrets to having a fulfilling life … Continued

The Most Powerful Principle

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Today, I’m going to share with you the most POWERFUL “spiritual” principle that I am aware of. Profoundly simple and I’ve talked about it often, it will make PRACTICE, which I consider the second-most powerful principle, easy as cake. It … Continued

Who Should Seek Me Out?

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Bob and I were brainstorming one ways to be more of service and how to bring my insights to the world when Bob asked a very interesting question: “Zoon, who most needs your help?” I considered that for a few … Continued

The Secret Ingredient

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There’s one magical secret ingredient I mention often that I think most people miss: PRACTICE People want quick and easy gratification, but transformative change is slow and gradual with occasional, usually unexpected, bursts of growth. And if you’re interested in … Continued

Our Services

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Bob and I have switched gears here, doing something a  different. On one paw, it feels a little disorienting to go in this direction. In the community of “spirit healers” or whatever you call them, there are a lot of … Continued

Readings : About the Future

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In my readings and session work, there isn’t much emphasis on “the future”. The reason for this is that “the future” is that is, in reality, a fantasy. It’s an imaginary idea about “how things should be”. Focusing on this … Continued