Who Should Seek Me Out?

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Bob and I were brainstorming one ways to be more of service and how to bring my insights to the world when Bob asked a very interesting question:

Zoon, who most needs your help?

I considered that for a few minutes, then he elaborated:

All kinds of people can be helped by you, of course, but if you can choose who seeks you out, what might that person look like?

Here’s the gist of my response:

Ideally, it’s a person who feels lost, scared or confused, but it also willing and able to take consistent action toward their growth and transformation. By ‘transformation’, I don’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you the way you are. Only that you feel that something really wonderful might be missing or eluding you somehow and you want to dig deeper to find out what that is.

Ideally, I want to speak with people who are eager to express their beautiful inner truths, though you may not know what it/they is/are or how to do so.

Perhaps you find yourself anxious about the future or guilty about the past. You have an urge to make beautiful things but feel lost, scared, or confused about what that might be or where to start. Or how to continue.

By “willing and able to take consistent action”, I realize that my work can be like a flame for moths who are desperate for attention and validation. As long as you’re willing to move through and beyond those insecurities (or side step them), I think we can do some wonderful work together.

I also realize that this may sound like I’m excluding the severely mentally ill or seriously disabled. But, no. I love everyone. That said, if your mental illness is serious enough that you can’t do the kind of inner work that I offer, perhaps seeing a therapist or a shaman might be a wiser move in the short term.

If you have decided to be so mean-spirited and cynical that you are unwilling to open up enough to let some magic into your life, I don’t think you’d find much value in what I have to offer. If you are so nihilistic (and certainly patting yourself on the back for how ‘smart’ you think you must be) that you are unwilling to move to a stage of realization beyond ‘everything is inherently empty’ (there are several steps beyond the void, after all), then your resistance to the beauty and magic of the world might prevent you from experiencing it. Not sure if I can help that type of decision-maker. But if you’re willing to put your inner critic on hold, I am happy to give it a chance.

Most importantly, I want to help you to grow, to evolve, and to thrive as humans. If you can vibe with that, we might be in business. 😸