Cosmic Playtime

With Zoon appearing as an alien disguising himself as a fluffy puppet, and Bob’s childlike and improvisational nature, Zoon and Bob can come to your social gathering and spend time teaching the profound power of play and imagination by…

Being present and playing with you and your guests!

Zoon and Bob are available for grownup parties (we can provide group readings!) as well as Kids’ parties (freeform play, ages 4+). Of course, kids can be headstrong and independent, so we cannot guarantee that kids will want to play with us.

Bring cosmic fun to your next event! Book Zoon and Bob now for an unforgettable experience of play and imagination.

Zoon and Bob

Zoon’s Card of the Week is drawn LIVE every Sunday 9am in New York (10pm in Japan) on YouTube, following a nearly two year run hosting an Instagram Live.