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Bob and I have switched gears here, doing something a  different.

On one paw, it feels a little disorienting to go in this direction.

In the community of “spirit healers” or whatever you call them, there are a lot of folks who make up illnesses like “spiritual contamination” (whatever that means) in order to take money (“you need to come back every week to stay ‘clean!”) ‘from people who might really need help or might simply be easy to convince. That this kind of scam exists is shameful, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only assure you that I have no intention of selling you anything you don’t need. If I feel that our services don’t match your needs, I will gladly say “no” and tell you why.

Similarly, there are a lot of “Readers” (and “ghost psychics” and whatnot) out there who “cold read” their eager clients. This means that they are very good at figuring out what people will pay them to say and then make a career out of doing just that. The scam looks like this: : “A ghost is talking to me right now. They want to talk to someone whose name starts with ‘m” or ‘n’ maybe…” etc. Or they “read” the cards, but sound way too specific or way too vague. If the focus is mostly on the past or mostly on the future, you might want to keep an eye on your wallet!

Life happens now. Growth happens now. Who you think you are is who you’re pretending to be, right now.


I don’t mention this to highlight the negative, but to highlight how unusual what we’re doing is and why it might make Bob uncomfortable.

On the other paw (back to my paws), it seems like there’s a lot of noise out there and not a lot of transformative magic that works long-term. People seem to lose track of the fact that “spiritual practice” should be fun and personal growth should, as you progress, feel “light” with inspiration flowing more easily. I don’t like using the word “spiritual” because its misuse has caused so much confusion and pain among so many people. But I can’t think of a better word for this post.

We’re fulfilling a glaring need that I imagine quite a few people might have. It was a glaring need that Bob had and, in some ways, continues to have. He and I have done a lot of transformative work together. And, on his own, he has noticed the wonderful people in his life and in his orbit who can shed light on what his next steps might be and who he might become as he grows. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

I think it would help him to be more of service to others and I can get closer to fulfilling my top secret mission out in the world with beautiful creatures like yourself by… being out in the world with beautiful creatures like yourself.



I helped Bob discover just how open and unlimited creative inspiration really is and give him clues about how to be receptive to the great source of ideas and catch them whenever he wants them. I can teach that to others.

I showed Bob the step-by-step, incremental, exponential path of inner/outer (the dichotomy here is imaginary) truth and how to walk it consciously. The transformation of perspective and living aware and awake is something I can help others to learn.

I’ve been giving readings for a few years now and the people who are able to quiet their inner noise enough to pay attention to what their Zoon Card message might be have had some remarkable reactions to them. Bob was convinced enough to do them at large events, like Field and Supply. If you can be open and receptive, you, too can receive some interesting hints from my readings as well.

Why not?

Please have a fun day!

If you’re not having fun today, and you’re not in the middle of a terrible crisis, try being more curious and see what happens.

Thank you.